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From mastering the ropes of trading to learning how you can be actively involved in the markets; our Platinum course will help you understand what you need to become an informed and wise trader.

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Course overview

Self-Paced Lessons Developed by Dedicated Market Specialists

Our Platinum package is designed to help you gain the advantage you need to achieve professionalism in financial trading.

Topics covered will include:

Charting: Plan your entries and exits by finding supply and demand discrepancies on price charts.

Chart Pattern Formations: Identify and interpret pattern formations representing supply and demand areas.

Cryptocurrencies: This subject will tackle key areas of cryptocurrency investing. From their history to the different types of cryptocurrencies to blockchain.

Platform Tutorials: Find out how professional traders maximize trading opportunities using direct access terminals and Level II pricing data.

Risk Management: Familiarize yourself with proper risk management and the importance of using the right reward-to-risk ratios.

Technical Indicators: Determine which technical indicators can help improve your profit potential and which indicators don’t work for your analysis.

Timeframes: Learn why using multiple timeframes can help you better anticipate and understand trend formations in a larger setting.

Trading Mistakes & Psychology: Beginner or pro, learning traders’ common mistakes and how to keep your emotions at bay are an essential part of staying on the right track.

Trading Strategies: Learn different trading strategies and how you can use them to your advantage in trading currency pairs, stocks, commodities, and other instruments.


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